My artwork is an overview of the skills that I have in studio arts. As a child I was involved heavily in extracurricular activities that involved fine arts. This experience was instilled early which eventually lead me to pursue a degree in fine art. As I started working in studio art I used materials such as gouache, oil pastels, charcoal and color pencils, but as technology grew, so did my mind. I ventured off using computer applications, such as Adobe Illustrator were I was able to create a new body of work outside of my studio arts. This skill allowed me to draw my illustrations from paper to the computer, which was very new at the time.

My overall vision was very abstract and surreal at the time; I didn’t have a main subject until I started drawing illustrations on Adobe Illustrator. My work in the practice of art history would be abstract expressionism and surrealism; this comes from an influence of artists at the time that peaked my interest. These artists were Salvador Dali, Ellsworth Kelly, Alma Thomas, and Pablo Picasso. I believe Picasso’s cubism movement and Thomas’s modern art work can be compared to my color pencil and gouache works. When viewing my art, I hope the viewer will interpret it as a premature version of myself. I was fresh out of high school, fairly new to art history and fine arts, I knew I wanted to work in the arts but I didn’t know as I do now where my place should be.

Currently I have paused on creating art work, to focus more on a career in Art History. I am currently enrolled in a graduate program working on my Masters in Art history focusing on Black art in the 1960s and 70s. My thesis will focus on this specific time period according to the Black artists who were influenced by it. As I work forward towards my career and thesis in Art History, I will always keep my background and education in Fine Arts at hand. As I move forward in the path of Art History I will always engage and support the Fine Arts, wherever that path may lead me.